J2WORK Blog Hi everyone!

Dreams are meant to be lived.
Dreams are meant to be lived.

Hi everyone!

“Dreams are meant to be lived.” – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


We’re sorry. We didn’t post the news for a while.

Meantime we had a lot of  things to do first. Did you ever noticed that the developer’s name is changed?

That’s right! We have changed to a corporate account(J2WORK Co., Ltd) from a personal account(JUNSIK KANG).

We officially founded the company in the past month, has moved to a new office.

Now you can use a company name(J2WORK or j2work) to find ours app on the App Store.

And we went into the normal development schedule. We promise the continuous updates and developments in the future.

Thank you for your help.



First, We try to finish the development of “Cross Stitch Camera” for iOS 7. And next, we’ll update “I PIXEL U”.  We are doing it again because it’s not enough. Please be patient.


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