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History of STV app development

I have worked as a stereographer and composer in post-production for several years now.  In this field, I have done work on movies, CF, and music videos. There are presently several guides in stereoscopic environment, but they don’t have such an easy to use system and trust values like our app provides.

I myself have iPad and wanted to bring a stereo work app to the table which did not exist before. In the beginning, when I started work on this app, it was for personal use because I wanted to make a helpful app for myself and my colleagues as well as customers to check both progress and finished product.  However, when I realized the significance of this revolutionary tool, it was only then as a secondary thought that I decided to develop and release this for others in the industry to use as well. Our iPad app final solution, STV, took one year of R&D to bring to the iPad platform.

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