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Hi Cross Stitch Lover.

Featured in iTunes in more than 140 places.

After we release app, Featured in iTunes in 142 places now. Even you’ll find app in “What’s Hot” category at the App Store in United Kingdom and South Korea. Thank you all. We love you.

Please write a review in App Store, if you liked Cross Stitch Camera app.

Si prega di scrivere una recensione in App Store, se ti è piaciuto il punto croce Camera app.


십자수카메라를 이용해보시고 앱스토어에 리뷰를 남겨주세요.

Please contact us if you have problems in the use.
Will be resolving it as soon as possible.
Send email to [email protected]

We want to see you soon with Cross Stitch Camera v1.5 updates. 
We get started developing update this month. 😉