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News for Cross stitch camera app.

“Cross stitch camera” will be updated to version 1.7 to support iOS11. We have solved all reported problems. We are awaiting an App Store review, and soon a new version will be added to the App Store.

Thank you to all users who emailed us about the error. We always welcome your participation. And we are always listening carefully to your feedback.

「クロスステッチカメラ」は、iOS11をサポートするためにバージョン1.7にアップデートされます。 報告されたすべての問題を解決しました。 我々はApp Storeのレビューを待っているし、まもなく新しいバージョンがApp Storeに追加される予定だ。

エラーについて私たちに電子メールを送ったすべてのユーザーに感謝します。 私たちは常にあなたの参加を歓迎します。 そして、私たちは常にあなたのフィードバックを慎重に聞いています。

“Cross Stitch Camera” kommer att uppdateras till version 1.7 för att stödja IOS 11. Vi löste alla rapporterade problem. Vi väntar på översynen av App Store och snart kommer en ny version att läggas till App Store.

Vi uppskattar alla användare som skickade ett mail till oss om felet. Vi välkomnar alltid ditt deltagande. Och vi lyssnar hela tiden på din feedback noggrant.

“Cross stitch camera” verrà aggiornato alla versione 1.7 per supportare iOS 11. Abbiamo risolto tutti i problemi segnalati. Stiamo aspettando la recensione dell’App Store e presto una nuova versione verrà aggiunta all’App Store.

Apprezziamo tutti gli utenti che ci hanno inviato un’email relativa all’errore. Saremo sempre lieti della tua partecipazione. E ascoltiamo costantemente i tuoi feedback con attenzione.

How to save in PDF in Cross Stitch Camera?

How to save in PDF in Cross Stitch Camera?

First you click export button(placed on top right in save windows).

Please send an email to yourself or a friend. Then you can find in your mail-box and you can print it later.

Or, when you export PDF, if you have a free PDF reader app, you select that app(the icon is appeared).

In PDF, the patterns(with a lined grid) and color table will be saved.


If you can’t see that PDF. After you first select to save in the png image, go back select to save in the PDF. Then you can see the PDF.


We report some bug, and we already fixed it. We updated Cross Stitch Camera v1.02 in app store, and we are waiting review by Apple now.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

If you still get some problem, please send an email to [email protected] .